Monday, 13 January 2014


Leandra Medine, author of memoir ‘Seeking Love. Finding Overalls’ released in September 2013 succumbed to fame as curator of fashion blog: ‘The Man Repeller’. Listed as one of Time magazines ’25 best blogs’ acquiring 1.5 million page views per month, Medine’s outré style of blending kooky catwalk reporting with comical personal anecdotes (featuring a vast amount of sexual references) grounded the popularity of the blog. Humorous yet academic in comparison to the accustomed-type blogger (see: hipster), Leandra, with a degree in Journalism, justly warrants her status as a fashion journalist. 

Pioneering a new generation of bloggers, fashionistas couldn’t contain their excitement when Leandra announced the title of her book last summer through an amaro-hued Instragram photo.
The memoir features a vast amount of musings, recounting significant recollections from a variety of sartorial choices. From a vintage Hermes ostrich skin clutch acquired from dear Grandma Leyla (later defiled by darling liquor) to connotation-strewn white shoes subsequently to be strewn in shit, the reminisced chapters of the book provides the audience with relatable tales of fashion-hood. Whilst the obligatory maxi skirt from Jewish school consequently coincided with her wearing a crop top to college later to be sent home, a grey pair of harem pants teamed with black platform sandals rekindled a relationship with an ex partner, now husband.

Despite her girl next door –still eating ‘boogers’ at age 23 type female, there’s no denying the book is cliché. Mishaps providing an internship at Valentino age 19, a fashion column in Harpers Bazaar and a husband of the financial society the book does fathom jealousness – ‘Why can’t I blog for a living?!’ However, with an extensive list of garment misfortune from ketchup sodden knickers mistaken for Mother Nature’s first call to disregarding a pair of white sport socks when popping her cherry and a vast, vast amount of ugly baby photos, the memoir provides dirty details which will have you quietly snorting with your finger pressed on the tip of your tongue, ready to flick over to the next page in order to finish the book and register online with blogspot.
Medine’s aptitude for writing has fashioned a journal certainly worth the read. Intellectual, insightful and highly intrusive, Medine has individually become a sensation within the fashion industry with her knack for words. If you wish to delve into the disastrous depths of Leandra’s diapers and drastic dresses, pick up a copy of ‘Seeking Love. Finding Overalls’ now!


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  3. This arrived yesterday in the post and I can't wait to start reading in the bath later this evening...eeeeek, this post has got me all excited!

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  4. Very poetic writing style that is easy to follow and makes me want to go through your archive and read some more.